Something for fun

Last week we had some fun.

We gave each and everyone in Livingroom a line, a belief, a promise from our agency Manifesto and a week to come up with an idea around it.


It would have been one of those tasks that get lost in inboxes,

thrown on the back burner while day to day work takes priority,

or even ignored and forgotten till its dead and meaningless.

Luckily, we don’t abide by the ‘Normally’.

Instead, things happened.

We heard finance pitching their ideas to designers over a cigarette break,

We saw Brand Navigation experimenting with Photoshop,

Journey planning playing around with fonts,

Mission Control scratching their brains,

Connection having fun,

After hours brainstorming sessions,

Props hunting,

Proud & glowing faces with ‘I found my idea’ written all over them.

And the result was mind blowing, nothing less than ‘Goose bumpy’,

Livingroom transformed into an art exhibition where everyone displayed their ‘own-created-developed’ idea.

It was heartwarming.

A reinforcement to our belief that great ideas come from anywhere and that we were indeed surrounded by Talent.

Definitely a big SMOOCH!